Citypark - 9 July - 14 of 22
Schedule update at 24-July

#TimPageFitForLife update - Schedule and DKMS

On Northern Ireland's unique 'Twelfth' Public Holiday... Hello!

With fourteen of twenty-two parkruns now done, a quick update:

The Ecos parkrun is postponed to 3-September to enable a rest weekend - the updated table is below.

Donations for LLNI are up to £9188, with the donation from RQIA's Belfast Marathon running team to be added soon.

We will run several more stem cell donation sessions to reach target of 100 prospective donors.  The organisation formerly know as Delete Blood Cancer UK is now named DKMS, so future blog updates will refer to DKMS.  Several supporters have given donations to DKMS, current donations £500.

Thank you for interest and support.


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