Queens - 7 May - 5 of 22
Enniskillen - 14 May - 6 of 22

#TimPageFitForLife run schedule - update

With six of twenty-two parkruns now done, here's an update to the run schedule (at end of post).

Due to illness, Larne was postponed to 27-August.  

And, an experienced runner explained that Falls is one of the tougher parkruns - uphill - so Falls is back to 20-August, with Limavady brought forward to 28-May.

In terms of project progress, donations for Leukaemia & Lymphoma NI are up to over £8400!  Also, a £400 donation for Delete Blood Cancer was received at Enniskillen.

With running and fund-raising underway, it's time to start thinking about producing some content related to fitness to promote health, and we'll be working at that in coming months.

Thank you so much for interest and support.



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