Waterworks - 26 March - 2 of 22
Bangor - 16 April - 3 of 22

Chennai 10-April-2016

Hello from a very warm Chennai!

My schedule of parkruns has a two week gap in it, due to a work trip to India.  With about a week in Bangalore, I met software engineers from BT and one of our subcontract companies Tech Mahindra.  This week, I have two days in Chennai with colleagues from TCS - Tata Consultancy Services.

In Bangalore, I used the hotel gym for conditioning sessions before getting a cold and losing my voice!  Of the exercises, the plain vanilla sit-ups are the toughest - it's an unforgiving exercise.

Today I went to the beach to try a run. I knew 5km would be a stretch, but hoped I could do it.

Chennai run

However, at 3km, the heat just got to me - it was my legs that went.  I learnt a few things from the attempt…

  1. Use the stretch to and from the beach as part of the run rather than not having this time in the heat count
  2. Sometimes you really do need a headband to absorb the sweat!  There were so many drops I thought it was raining.
  3. For a cooler run... get up even earlier

The Runkeeper Kilometer 'split' timings tell the story of getting slower…

Kilometer 1: 08:15,   Kilometer 2: 11:11,   Kilometer 1: 12:05.

So, deep respect to people who do running in extreme conditions, not least Eddie Izzard.

Looking to the coming week, I aim to…

  • Get rid of this cold
  • Resume conditioning training on Thursday when I get home
  • Complete parkrun 3 of 22 on Saturday - my 'local' Ward Park
  • Start producing a series of videos around fitness conditioning & health, as well as different angles on blood cancer treatment and research

Thank you for interest, encouragement, donations, stem cell donor signups.

Some nice photos after today's Chennai sunrise are here.

Best wishes,



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