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Waterworks - 26 March - 2 of 22

237 runners today at Belfast Waterworks - the photo album is here, parkrun results here.  I was aiming for less than 40 minutes again today, and pleased with 37:05. 

_Runkeeper_Data_WaterworksIt was great to have BT colleague Mark Crothers running with me again.  Last week at Victoria Park, Mark kept reminding me to keep my head up - helps breathing - and these reminders were necessary again.  Waterworks has two inclines; you go up each twice and 'small steps' is the approach to
take.  On one incline, I was finding it tough going and Mark said "Keep breathing!".  This took me straight back to the day in December 2014 when I walked into Belfast City Hospital Ward 10 North for stem cell transplant, not totally relaxed, and the admitting nurse said "All you have to do is keep breathing!"  Generally good advice.

It was also great to have Patricia McAuley and friends Heather Chestnutt, Karl & Kerri Thrower, Parkrun Jim, Eric Morrison, David Mark, Alistair Shaw and Claire Bell running today.

Rosy Ryan had been in touch before today, and I hope to catch up with Rosy about her own life and running experiences later in the year. When I found the going getting tough today, Rosy deployed a catchy mantra...

"My feet are light, my legs are strong, I can keep this pace all day long!"

On Easter Monday, I'm off to India with work for a couple of weeks, where I intend to stay fit and lose some more weight - one stone down, two stone still to go.  Below, there's the updated progress against objectives table.

I wish you a very Happy Easter, and look forward to seeing people at Bangor's Ward Park on 16 April

Project Objectives

Raised for Leukaemia & Lymphoma: £6538
People registered with Delete Blood Cancer: 62
People who have signed up with parkrun: 4

Tim's Running Progress

Run # Date Course Run Time Position Age Grade
1 19 March Belfast Victoria 36:22 177/209 41.20%
 2 26 March Belfast Waterworks  37:05  222/237  


Victoria Park - 19 March - 1 of 22

A great turnout today at Victoria Park for the launch of TimPageFitForLife - the photo album is here.

parkrun results lists today's 209 runners... congratulations to Alistair Shaw and Jonathan Cupples on their first parkrun.  I was aiming to beat 40 minutes, so really pleased with a Personal Best 'PB' of 36:22.  As you can see, I was a bit late stopping runkeeper...


With access to Victoria Park's pavilion, we registered 30 more people as prospective stem cell donors with Delete Blood Cancer.  This is a potentially life-saving act - thank you to Ruth, Joanne and all the people who signed up today.

Project Objectives

Raised for Leukaemia & Lymphoma: £6067
People registered with Delete Blood Cancer: 60
People who have signed up with parkrun: 3

Tim's Running Progress

Run # Date Course Run Time Position Age Grade
1 19 March Belfast Victoria 36:22 177/209 41.20%


Thank you to family, friends, colleagues and everyone for support in the run-up to today.


Help Delete Blood Cancer

DBC-leafletBig thanks to Belfast City Council for confirming today that, after tomorrow's parkrun, #TimPageFitForLife can use one of the rooms in Victoria Park Pavilion to enable people to register as prospective stem cell donors with Delete Blood Cancer.

Blood cancers affect the production and function of your blood cells.  For many blood cancer patients, a stem cell donation is their only chance of survival, but around 50% of patients never find the match they need.  The more donors that sign up, the more lives can be saved.

To register as a potential stem cell donor, you must be

  • 17-55 years old
  • in good general health
  • willing to donate to any person in need

If you meet these requirements, you can complete a consent form & swab the inside of your cheeks to collect cells to be sent off for analysis.

For more information on signing up with Delete Blood Cancer, call into the Pavilion from 09.45 and you speak with one of the team.

There's a good video on donation here.


TimPageFitForLife - one objective met

1fTwo days before the first parkrun, we have reached £5542 - when our objective was £5000 by the final parkrun in September.  I am so encouraged by the response and donations.

Leukaemia & Lymphoma NI appreciate the donations via the TimPageFitForLife mydonate site.  And, over the months, we will have some stories about medical research, human resilience and ways into physical fitness.

If you can join us for the TimPageFitForLife launch this Saturday, 19-March, that would be great.  Cheer people on, or come and run.  The parkrun dates are listed here.

One further thing - if you're on Facebook, have a look at Melanie's pagecampaigning for NI patients to have access to drugs that are available in GB.  Yes, funds are tight.  Yet, as Melanie says, if a prescription item charge of 50p for all was introduced, that could help make these drugs available locally.  I think we can afford that... as Melanie quotes from the film Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure,

"Be excellent to each other."

And, Happy Birthday to Ruth - we journey together.  The day we got married we promised to love each other

"when it is easy and when it is difficult"

You did and do. The world is a better place with you in it.